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At We-Scan we provide a range of infrared thermography services, which is also called Infrared Surveys, or Thermal Imaging, to various industries in South Africa and abroad. With two hubs -Cape Town and Gauteng-we are able to cover the whole country effectively and are also well positioned for international projects, be it in shipping/petrochemical or industrial/mining.

We service clients in Cape Town, Gauteng, all other provinces in South Africa and international clients.

Infrared Thermography Surveys are our Business.

Thermography, which is also called Infrared Surveys, or Thermal Imaging, is the maintenance diagnostic tool of the future. Thermography detects differences in temperatures, whether hot or cold, even as small as 0.1 degrees Celsius. Surveys can be done from metres away if required – making it hugely versatile and a powerful tool in industry.

Thermal imaging has the potential to save your company thousands of rands. How is this possible? By surveying your companies electrical installation, anomalies can be detected which are in fact “future failures visible today”. Attending to these possible failures early before they happen, prevents costly breakdowns and minimizes plant downtime = more revenue.

The major advantages of Infrared Surveys are:

  •  It detects possible failures before they occur
  •  It can be performed without stopping your plant or facility
  •  It is extremely cost effective especially when compared to possible production loss
  • Results in increased production hours
  • Can be used for most types of equipment and industries
  • May result in lower insurance premiums


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